Mobile Website Design

Mobile Webdesign GlasgowBrilliant, you’ve got a fantastic website that looks great on your computer – but have you ever tried visiting it from a small mobile device? If you have, you won’t have enjoyed the unreadable text or the tiny controls making navigation a nightmare! Your customers won’t be impressed either and with more and more of them using their smartphone to browse the web, we can help you make the most of this opportunity by providing you with a mobile website.

Our Mobile website system automatically detects the user’s device and serves and serves the mobile website to mobile devices. Our system works seamlessly on most modern mobile phones with dedicated templates for the extremely popular iphone and ipad.

What’s more is that all our mobile sites can be saved as a ‘web app’ on the iphone and ipad. A ‘web app’ is just like an app with the exception that your website is the app – so you can cut out the time consuming and costly rigours of getting your app on itunes.

Add to this other great features, such as click-to-call and Google maps, as standard and you can rest assured that your mobile web presence will provide a quality experience no matter what the device.

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