Website Training Glasgow
In addition to our website design services, we at Jadore Media also offer our clients full training on how to carry out content management activities on thier new website.  We understand that keeping the content on your website fresh and up to date is key to it’s continued success. This is why we include a Content Management System as standard with every website we build.  We also provide full training on how to use the content management system to update, insert and remove your content free of charge.

Ecommerce clients get all the in-depth training required for them to manage the  day-to-day running of thier online business.  This includes Inventory control, sales reports and customer management.

We also offer our clients training sessions tailored to their specific needs.  This can be for new staff, new functionality or more detailed training of existing functionality.  Taking more responsiblility in-house will not only save you time and money over the long run, it also means that you will be able to fully change and adapt your website in accordance to the challenges and opportunities that present themselves to your business.

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